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Your Solution to a Better
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Sunrise Mattress
Sunrise Mattress Guarantees
60 night in-home tryout
Free white glove delivery
10 year full replacement limited warranty

Spring Mattresses by Sunrise Mattress

PowerNap Spring Mattress by Sunrise Mattress


PowerNap is the ideal entry level mattress to give you a great night’s rest without breaking the bank.

Relax Spring Mattress by Sunrise Mattress


When you are ready for your first “upgraded” mattress, you need to seriously consider the Sunrise Relax.

Ultimate Sleep Spring Mattress by Sunrise Mattress


When you are ready for pure luxury at night, the Ultimate Sleep is the mattress for you.

Siesta by Sunrise Mattress

The Best Night Sleep
You’ve Ever Had

Sunrise Foam Mattress & Adjustable Bed

Just Take a Look What Our Real Customers Say!

Jaime and Christopher, Lodi, NJ

Sunrise Mattress has relieved my hip pain.

Paramus, NJ

Michele, Rutherford, NJ

The Siesta foam mattress was the perfect choice for us.

Jaime and Christopher,
Lodi, NJ

Chad, Paramus, NJ

My ultimate Sleep Mattress was a great choice.

Rutherford, NJ

Why choose Sunrise Mattress over “other” mattress companies?

We are family owned and operated and have created an EDGE over the competition. We truly care about helping our customers improve their quality of sleep. Our NO pressure approach has helped thousands of customers find the right set of bedding and we are proud to launch

Our competitors buy mattresses in bulk, in advance because they get a better price. Those mattresses can sit in a warehouse or on the back of a truck for a LONG time before they ever make it to your bedroom!! Commissioned salesmen are trying to SELL you those mattresses as fast as they can, regardless if that is the right mattress for you or not!!

The Sunrise Edge …. YOU choose the mattress YOU want and we assemble it just for YOU! The order is placed directly with the factory, it is assembled and it is delivered direct to your home.

From our family to yours, we have tested and evaluated thousands of sleep sets. You can TRUST that we have the knowledge and a SIMPLE process of selecting the perfect bed.

Mattress buying made EASY!

Build Your Mattress

Build Your MattressHave you ever thought of getting the mattress that is just perfect for you and your family?

Welcome to Sunrise Mattress where all we care about is making sure you have a sound and better night’s sleep. We build the quality mattress that soothes your sleeping needs. Before building any mattress, your height, weight, body type, sleeping preferences and positions, sleeping conditions, and mattress preferences are all put into consideration. With all these figured out, we will build a mattress that is just the best for you. We have our way and style of building the perfect bed for you, so, after sleep, you will rise up with more vigor and a smile on your face.

You want a mattress now? Just go through our brief questionnaire so you can assist us to get build the best mattress that is perfect for your sleeping condition.

We have the spring mattresses in three different forms:

  • PowerNap
  • Relax
  • Ultimate Sleep

We have the foam mattresses in three different forms:

  • Memory Foam
  • Memory Foam & Gel
  • Latex

We have the power bases in two different forms:

  • The Eelevator
  • The Relaxer

These aside we also deal in mattress accessories which are just in two types:

  • Mattress Protector
  • Metal Frame
More About Sunrise Mattresses

All our products come with these features:

  • 60 nights in-home tryout
  • 10 years full replacement warranty

Don’t be carried away by other competitors that stock their warehouses with loads of mattresses, and just don’t care if those mattresses are the best for you. You deserve the best night’s sleep.

In addition, we have a good shipping policy that is suitable for all our clients. Contact the best mattress store in NJ today and have a great experience for Best Mattress Hanover NJ.